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Biological corridor


Punta Mona is a remote peninsula of privately owned land on the Southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It consists of largely untouched primary rainforest, wetlands, mangroves and coral communities.


As the area's real estate market is booming, interest in selling this fragile land for development is growing.


Our goal is to acquire as many acres as possible to safeguard its ecosystems from future investors.


Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 15.47.23.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 08.59.26.png



406 ha illegally removed from Wildlife Refuge

in 2014

209 illegal construction permits issued between 2014 - 2019

Highest youth suicide and drug abuse rate in

Costa Rica


Booming second-home market and no coastal-maritime zoning plan


Conduct educational tours

Improve bio-literacy of more than 100 children per year

Step 1

Acquire small property

Purchase or lease strategically located 300 m² nucleus

Step 2

Build operational

Build a research station to accommodate on the ground conservation projects  

Step 3

Create biological corridor

Annually purchase strategic adjacent properties to expand protected area

Step 4

157,000 USD required

945,000 USD required

Road Map

Through collaboration with local experts, guides, indigenous peoples and biologists conducting conservation and research locally...


we are able to provide educational experiences for the youth and conduct interdisciplinary scientific sensing and conservation within our protected area and its buffer zones

By purchasing off private landowners, our mission is to secure more than 30 strategically located hectares of primary rainforest

Through educational tours, we introduce vulnerable Latin American youth to the conservation of their natural heritage 

Through a fully operational on-site research station, we can conduct ecosystem restoration and adaptation

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