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The biggest attack on the Amazon of the last 50 years

Brazil's Sustainability Network has described the opening up of 4.6 million hectares of rainforest to mining companies as the “biggest attack on the Amazon of the last 50 years”.

Anyone who knows anything about the environment knows that these companies mining South America are Canadian giants but the worst part is that they were informed of this decision five months prior to last week when this move was made public by Brazil's coup d'etat government.

The area being bartered contains nine indigenous reserves. The Tumucumaque Mountains National Park, the Paru and Amapá State Forests, the Maicuru Biological Reserve, the Jari Ecological Station, the Rio Cajari Extractivist Reserve, the Rio Iratapuru Sustainable Development Reserve and Waiãpi and Rio Paru d’Este indigenous territories, home to three thousand indigenous people.

"Temer has created a new federal rule to be implemented by Brazilian Administration that can be used to deny many indigenous peoples the right to their lands. It stipulates that indigenous peoples do not have the right to their lands if they were not occupying them in October 1988, when the current constitution came into effect. Many pending requests by indigenous groups for titles to their traditional territories could be denied because of their earlier expulsions. The new rule also prohibits the expansion of existing indigenous territories and allows certain types of infrastructure projects to be permitted on their titled territories without any consultation." [Source: Environmental Defense Fund]

In Brazil we're seeing a domino effect of scandal after scandal, except unlike in America, these scandals are not about racist riots and insults coming from the mouth of the President. They are about actions being taken by the President with the goal of exterminating a people and their respective rights. I believe this is known as cultural genocide.

This guy Temer is messing with the world on a whole new level. Why? Because the Amazon is the only place holding back global warming right now and you don't want to know about it because you're too busy worrying about Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord. Hell, Brazil's still in on the 2 degrees cap agreement but it's doing shit like this!

I hope a bunch of bright minds get together in Bonn this November because this is down to the scientific community. This is down to coral growers. This is down to the people who know about soil and can use it to sequester carbon because guess what? Temer aint listening, Canada's moving into the Amazon permanently, Trump aint attending, and Americans still eat beef.

So while you're still scrolling through Facebook and getting offended by one another there is about to be a ten year massacre in the Amazon. And I don't know if it's Canada's mining industry that scares me, or the sheer indifference of Brazilian evangelists and their coup d'etat president. But his name is Michel Temer and it's time you paid attention.

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